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Buena Vista Annex
112 Linderman Ave.
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Touber Building
448 E. 1st St.
Suite 137
Salida, Colorado 81201

Available by appointment by
calling 719-207-1498


Chaffee County Environmental Health

Chaffee County Environmental Health provides a variety of services to the community, and places a high priority on consumer protection. Environmental Health specialists conduct routine inspections and complaint investigations related to environmental health matters in retail food establishments, child care facilities, and schools. The department also responds to complaints concerning swimming pools, public accommodations, mobile home parks, campgrounds and other recreational facilities.

In addition, Environmental Health provides general environmental protection. Environmental Health specialists issue permits and conduct inspections for individual sewage disposal systems and test well water supplies. The department can supply information on many other environmental issues as well.

If you need information or would like to report an environmental health concern, please call (719) 207.1498.

Environmental Health is part of the Chaffee County Public Health Agency.
The Department is located in the Touber Building at  448 E First St., Suite 137, Salida.

Environmental Health Manager Updates

Victor Crocco's office has changed.  His new office is located in the County
Annex Building in Buena Vista, 112 Linderman Ave.  He will be available by
appointment by calling (719).207.1498.

All OSWS inspections must be called in on our inspection line at
(719).539.2124.  Failure to call inspections in properly may lead to re-inspection
or special inspection fees.  Inspections must be called in by 4:00 p.m. the day
before the day for which the inspection is requested.  Time specific inspections
will no longer be available.  All OSWS applications will still be turned into the
Development Services Department at either our Salida or Buena Vista locations.

Food Service applications and Plan Review packets can be turned into Victor
at the Chaffee County Annex Building, 112 Linderman Ave., Buena Vista or the
Touber Building, 448 E. First St., Ste. 137, Salida.

Licensed OSWS Installers Exam

As of July 1st Chaffee County has adopted the new septic regulations (see below).  All licensed installer are required to take the new exam that covers these regulations.  The exams are available in the Salida and Buena Vista offices and will be free of charge for all currently licensed installers, if taken before January 1, 2015.  As always the exam is open book and will cover many aspects of the Onsite Wastewater System Regulations, so please be prepared.  The new regulations are available on our OWTS website page.  OSWS Permits will not be issued to contractors who have not taken and passed the new exam.  If you have any questions please contact Victor Crocco, Environmental Health Manager at 719-530-5572, or Charis Cheeseman at 719-530-5568,

NEW Septic System Regulations

New On-site Wastewater Treatment System (Septic System) Regulations Effective July 1, 2014, Chaffee County has adopted new State mandated regulations for On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS). State law requires that the County adopt regulations that are no less stringent than the minimum State regulations, and the Chaffee County regulations essentially mirror the minimum State regulations. In general, the new regulations will result in smaller tanks and absorption fields, but will likely require more engineer-designed systems and thicker sand filters.  The regulations are available on our OWTS  page.


Victor Crocco, REHS
Environmental Health Manager


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