COVID-19 Information


If you test positive via a home test, please click HERE to report the positive test to Public Health.

Chaffee County Public Health offers COVID tests Monday and Tuesdays by appointment, from 2:30 – 3:30 pm. Testing is now conducted at the Chaffee Community Clinic mobile trailer.  Monday’s testing will take place at the Salida United Methodist Church and Tuesdays testing will take place at the Buena Vista Community Center.  Appointments still required.

Pre-registration is required for CCPH testing clinics. To schedule an appointment, visit

For a comprehensive list of COVID testing options in Chaffee County, visit

I tested positive for COVID - now what?

If you test positive via a home test, please click HERE to report the positive test to Public Health. 

  • You’ll need to make an account then enter the information of the positive test.

  • Once you do that, Chaffee County Public Health will automatically be notified of this positive test.

  • Positive cases must isolate

  • All close contacts, regardless of vaccination status, are no longer asked to

    quarantine, but instead wear a mask for 10 days.

At this stage in the pandemic, Chaffee County Public Health depends on personal responsibility and accountability to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in order to protect our county. 

Have more questions?  Check out this Document.

There are many complex COVID-19 situations.  If you cannot find the information you need from this website, you may call us at 719-539-4510 and we can assist you further.

If you have a child with COVID-19 who attends school or childcare, please be sure to alert the school so that appropriate steps can be made.


Looking for COVID vaccinations or boosters in Chaffee County? For a comprehensive list of COVID-19 vaccination site options in Chaffee County, visit

CCPH COVID vaccine paperwork can be found HERE.

There are many other vaccine providers in Chaffee County.  Click HERE for a current list. 

See CCPH's online scheduler for future mass clinic opportunities. 

Additional Vaccine Information:

COVID-19 Treatment

If you test positive for COVID-19, you may be eligible for monoclonal antibodies (mAB) or antiviral treatment. These treatments can significantly lessen your risk hospitalization and death.

For a comprehensive list of treatment options in Chaffee County, visit



CCPH will add current updates as appropriate.

CCPH Press Release 5/27/22


Request a Replacement COVID-19 Vaccine Card

Follow these steps to retrieve your vaccine record.

1) Confirm your vaccination record is correct on the CIIS Public Portal. You are able to print your record from the CIIS Public Portal


Consider carrying a digital copy of your vaccine card. You can now use the myColorado™ app to access your COVID-19 vaccine record. If you haven't already, download the myColorado™ app and have your Colorado Driver's License or ID ready to set up your account.

3) If possible retrieve a replacement copy of your card from the location where you received the vaccine.

4) Contact your Primary Care Physician for a replacement card.


If your vaccination record is incorrect or missing from the CIIS Public Portal, please contact Chaffee County Public Health for assistance at 719-539-4510.

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