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2023/24 Property Valuation-
Starting May 2023

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Chaffee County Assessor Rick Roberts


For tax years 2023 and 2024, the County Assessor is required by law to appraise all real property at a June 30, 2022 level of value. This is statutory requirement and unless there is a change in our State Statutes we have no alternative but to use this time frame.

Colorado law requires the County Assessor to hear objections to real property classifications and valuations beginning May 1, 2023. Objections to the valuation or classification of real property must be filed on-line, or postmarked, delivered or presented in person to the County Assessor no later than June 8, 2023.

For 2023 - your Notice of Value will have some changes. First off, there will be an assessment rate assigned to each classification of property on each schedule number. There are new assessment rates which have been changed by the state legislature from past rates. You will also see an estimate of taxes. This is JUST AN ESTIMATE based on the full value of your property, the new assessment rates, and the 2022 mill levies. This will not be estimated using any senior exemption, veterans exemption or the 2023- value reductions given to residential and some commercial property owners.


We are having technical issues with our online appeals. You may still appeal by phone, in person, by email to , or mail by June 8th. Post will need to be hand cancelled with the date on it. Email, in person, or by phone must be in our office by 5:30pm.

View summary: 2023/2024 Property Valuation Process & Timeline - click here

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SALE BOOKS - Sales ending in Statutory time of June 30, 2022

   Residential Sales Book 2023- North
   Residential Sales Book 2023- South

     Sales Book 2018-2022

   Sales Book - by Acreage
   Sales Book - by Parcel
   Sales Book - by Subdivision

Mobile Home
   Sales Book

    Sales Book

    Sales Book

Click here to Search Assessor Database

Transfers typically take four weeks to reach the assessor database from the time it is recorded in the Clerk & Recorder's Office. We cannot warrant any of the information on this website.  However, we make every effort to collect and maintain accurate data.  If you have any problems with the data please call us.

Note: Please experiment with the different ways of searching. Remember with databases, 'less is more'. If you know an address, just put in the street number then sort through the results. Please be patient.  If you cannot find an account or need other information please call 719.539.4016.

Abstracts of Assessments and Levies 

   2022 Abstract of Assessment and Levies for Chaffee County

   2021 Abstract of Assessment and Levies for Chaffee County

   2020 Abstract of Assessment and Levies for Chaffee County

   2019 Abstract of Assessment and Levies for Chaffee County

   2018 Abstract of Assessment and Levies for Chaffee County

   2017 Abstract of Assessment and Levies for Chaffee County

   2016 Abstract of Assessment and Levies for Chaffee County

Personal Property Tax Declarations

    Taxpayer Filing Requirements for Certain Taxable Property 
                                            (Due April 15, 2023)                                 

All persons owning, possessing, or controlling taxable personal property with a  total actual value greater than $52,000 (per owner, per county) on January 1, 2023, are required to report the personal property to the assessor by April 15, 2023. Personal Property Declaration Schedules have been mailed to every person, business, or company known to own, possess, or control taxable personal property in the county. Non-receipt of a declaration schedule DOES NOT excuse taxpayers from declaring taxable personal property to the assessor. If you have not received a declaration schedule and own personal property with a value greater than $52,000, contact the assessor at 719-539-4016. 

All personal property with a total actual value in excess of $52,000 (per owner, per county) is taxable unless specifically exempt by law. 

Taxable personal property includes: 

      •   All residential household furnishings used to produce income

      •   Equipment, furniture, and machinery used by commercial, industrial, and natural resource operations

      •   Property used in an agribusiness that does not qualify as agricultural pursuant to § 39-1-102(1.6)(a), C.R.S.

      •   Expensed assets with a life greater than one year

      •   Fully depreciated assets still in use

      •   Personal property in storage that is subject to IRS depreciation

      •   Leasehold improvements

Equipment that is licensed as a motor vehicle (SMM plate or Z-Tab) is not reported on the Personal Property Declaration Schedule.

Completed declaration schedules are due April 15, 2023. You may extend the deadline if, prior to April 15, the assessor receives your written request for an extension along with $20 for a 10-day extension, or $40 for a 20-day extension. If you do not meet the April 15 deadline and do not request an extension, a penalty in the amount of $50 or 15% of the taxes due (whichever is less) will be applied to your account.

If you fail to file a declaration schedule, the assessor will establish a taxable value based on the "best information available" and add a penalty of up to 25% of assessed value for any omitted property that is subsequently discovered.

Declarations can be mailed to:
Chaffee County Assessor's Office
P.O. Box 699
Salida, CO  81201

or emailed to

Rick Roberts
Chaffee County Assessor

Dean Russell
Deputy Assessor / Land Appraiser / GIS

Paul Harford
Deputy Assessor/
Commercial Appraiser/ Agriculture

Andrea Glovan
Chief Residential  Appraiser/Manufactured Homes

Janie O'Hare
Ad Valorem Appraiser/Property Transfer Specialist/ State Compliance Administrator

Alberto Toledo
Field Inspector/ Personal Property/ Ad Valorem Appraiser

Katie Lady
Ad Valorem
Appraiser/ Field Inspector

Karley Mesaric King
Field Inspector

Paul Wackowski
Field Inspector

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