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Colorado Weed Management Ass.

P.O. Box 699
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Monday - Friday
8am - 5pm

Chaffee County Weed Department

The Chaffee County Weed Department manages noxious/invasive weeds within the county according to the Colorado Weed Law and Chaffee County's Noxious Weed Management Plan. 

The Chaffee Weed Department will consult with private landowners to help manage noxious/invasive weeds on their property.  The department can help with best management practices to control noxious weeds.  If the landowner so desires the department can make herbicide applications on private land.  There is an hourly charge to cover equipment and labor plus the cost of the herbicide for this service.

The department is available to help or advise landowners and manages in Chaffee and Lake counties.

Chaffee County Weed List:

Weed Photos

Canada thistle
Dalmation toadflax
Diffuse knapweed
Hoary cress
Leafy spurge
Musk thistle
Oxeye Daisy
Russian knapweed
Scentless Chamomile
Spotted knapweed
Yellow toadflax

We have an extensive digital library of materials that you can access, print and use. This library is FREE and available all the time! It includes fact sheets, posters, worksheets, and lots of printable materials. The library of content can be accessed here:

Golden Banner Native Plant

 Golden Banner - Native Plant- 2023

Dalmation Toadflax - Noxious Weed

Kayla Malone

Ricki Garden                 Assistant Supervisor    

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