Chaffee Housing Authority Board

Chaffee County's multijurisdictional Chaffee Housing Authority (CHA) was created through the work of a Housing Policy Steering Committee, 2016-2020. The Housing Authority Board, governing the work of the CHA, was initially seated in February, 2021.

The Board of Directors’ responsibilities include active involvement as an advocate for the Chaffee Housing Authority (CHA) and affordable housing opportunities in general, participation in Board Development training opportunities, and providing direction and oversight of the activities conducted by CHA. Its initial duties include assisting and directing staff with the following: the creation and adoption of a Strategic Plan for the CHA; the establishment of financial management and record retention policies and procedures; the evaluation of housing policies, programs, and development opportunities; the creation and adoption of Community Guidelines for deed restriction management; and additional opportunities as they may arise.

The Chaffee Housing Authority is a separate political subdivision and a public corporation of the state of Colorado separate from the County and its other member entities.

Mission and Vision

Mission ~ Enabling all Chaffee County Residents to have access to safe, stable and affordable housing 

Vision ~ Chaffee County Housing Office envisions a regional housing system comprised of diverse partnerships that create rental and ownership options across the housing spectrum and support a social-economically diverse community, wherein the regional workforce is able to live locally and benefit from a resilient economy.

Agendas and Minutes are posted at

2021 Agendas/Minutes

February 18:   Agenda   Minutes

Minutes will be posted after approval of the Board.

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