Chaffee County Office of Housing

Enabling all Chaffee County Residents to have access to safe, stable and affordable housing

Chaffee County Housing Office envisions a regional housing system comprised of diverse partnerships that create rental and ownership options across the housing spectrum and support a social-economically diverse community, wherein the regional workforce is able to live locally and benefit from a resilient economy.


Housing + Health: Stories of Resilience

Did you miss the We Are Chaffee Dinner and a Movie event? Don’t worry, you can view the inspirational 36 minute long movie that includes 10 stories of resilience from local youth and adults OR watch each one individually online at


Housing+Health Building Opportunity and Equity in Chaffee County

Safe, stable, and affordable housing is essential to a community's health, both of its economy and of its residents. To learn more, you can visit Housing+Health, an initiative funded by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Office of Health Equity. You will be able to watch recordings of speakers we have hosted in the past, plug into upcoming events, hear from your friends and neighbors, and learn more about how you can be an advocate of affordable housing in Chaffee County.  

Rental Deposit Guarantee Program

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Landlord Form
How to Apply Flowchart

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Becky Gray
Director of Housing

Housing Needs Assessment

Strategic Plan

Housing 101 Booklet

Interviews with Housing+Health Series guests, along with many other subject matter experts, can be found on the Chaffee Housing Report, a KHEN podcast:
Chaffee County Housing Report

Housing & health go hand in hand.  The Housing+Health website provides resources, education and community stories to help you understand the challenges & solutions facing Chaffee County today.
Housing+Health Website


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