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Chaffee County Environmental Health
Retail Food/Consumer Protection

Retail Food Program

Chaffee County Public Health conducts regular inspections of all facilities offering 
food to consumers in Chaffee County.  Inspections are completed to ensure
restaurants and other facilities providing food to the public are taking the necessary
steps to prevent foodborne illness. Facilities preparing food must do so in approved
kitchens and are typically inspected 1 - 2 times per year.  

If you are interested in opening a food service establishment, several items are
required before beginning operation.  These items are required as part of the Plan
Review process:

  • Menu
    Submitting your proposed menu allows Consumer Protection staff to identify
    areas where food safety will be most critical.   Menus are also used in
    conjunction with proposed facility equipment plans to identify if what
     equipment is needed to keep the food safe. 
  • Facility Layout & Equipment
    Knowing how your facility will be designed is important, as any potential
    problems can be identified before work begins.  Consumer Protection staff
    visit hundreds of commercial kitchens each year and can help identify layouts
    that are functional while providing the best opportunity for food safety.  All
    new facilities and mobile units are required to submit a Plan Review Packet. 
  • Food Safety Practices
    We request detailed information regarding how food will be stored, heated,
    reheated, cooled and handled at each facility.  Special attention is given to
    those menu items with the greatest risk, and those in which food safety is
    most critical. 

Ā·         The  Colorado Retail Food Establishment Rules and Regulations require that
the person in charge shall be a certified food protection manager who has shown 
proficiency of required information through passing a test that is part of an
accredited program.
          Approved training sources can be found here. In addition, Chaffee County
recommends that all food handlers attend StateFoodSafety.com's online food safety
training. This course is about 90 minutes long and is available in English, Spanish,
Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese and American Sign Language. The course is
optional for food workers but is approved and recommended by Chaffee County
Environmental Health for food safety training.

Temporary/Special Event Facilities

Food safety at temporary and special events is critical to ensure the event is 
successful and can continue to be in the future. All event coordinators must submit
an Event Coordinator Packet for each event and clearly identify all retail food
vendors that will be at the event. All Chaffee County retail food vendors who already
 hold a current Colorado Retail Food Establishment License do not need to fill out
the Temporary Vendor Application or pay the additional Temporary License Fee.
Temporary Vendors licensed in Colorado; however not directly licensed by Chaffee
County will need to fill out the Temporary Vendor Application and pay a $50 fee.
Temporary Retail Food Vendors without a Colorado Retail Food License will need to
fill out the Temporary Vendor Application and submit a fee of $100. The licensure
process is slightly different for temporary and special event vendors, mainly due to
reduced menu items, and menu items requiring few if any preparation steps. 
Inspections for retail food vendors will be held on the day of the event.

Event Coordinators must submit the Event Coordinator Packet below at least 14
days prior to the event.

Application Forms

Retail Food Establishment Change of Ownership Packet

Temporary Vendor Application 

Event Coordinator Application

Retail Food Establishment Resources

Retail Food Establishment License Application

Mobile Unit Plan Review

Brick & Mortar Plan Review

Rules and Regulations about Retail Food Establishments can be found at the

Colorado Department of Public Health website below:

Colorado Department of Public Health Consumer Protection Division 

Child Care Facilities

Chaffee County Environmental Health performs inspections of Child Care Facilities
in Chaffee County.  Child Care Facilities are typically inspected once per year by
Environmental Health in addition to inspections performed by the Colorado
Department of Human Services Division of Childcare.

Inspections performed by Environmental Health focus on the prevention of
spreading illness throughout the facility, in order to protect the health of children
and staff.

For additional information please visit the Division of Childcare Website.

Environmental Health 

Environmental health is the branch of public health that focuses on the relationships between people and their environment; promotes human health and well-being; and fosters healthy and safe communities. Environmental health is a key part of any comprehensive public health system. The field works to advance policies and programs to reduce chemical and other environmental exposures in air, water, soil and food to protect people and provide communities with healthier environments.

**CCPH does not perform OWTS inspections.  Please call the Chaffee County Building Department for more information or to schedule an inspection.

Chaffee County Public Health prioritizes environmental health.  The following are current focus areas:


Average home radon levels in Chaffee County are approximately 8.5 picocuries per cubic liter, similar to the Colorado state average.  A safe level of radon is under 4 picocuries per cubic liter!  CCPH offers one free radon test kit per homeowner, while supplies last.  Contact Stefanie Nelson at 719-458-5432 for more information.

 Low income radon mitigation assistance

 Lead in drinking water

CCPH is currently assisting interested child care facilities in testing their drinking water for lead.  Lead in drinking water is dangerous for children.  Even though cities and towns test the water for lead, lead can get into drinking water through individual pipes underneath homes. 

More information on lead in drinking water

Air Quality Information

You can monitor regional particulate concentrations at the Purple Air website. If you have questions on hazy or smoky conditions, the Purple Air site is a useful place to get data on particulate counts across the region, state, and country.

Current Air Quality and Forecast in Buena Vista from AirNow.gov

Colorado Air Quality Monitoring and Data from Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Colorado Wildfire Air Quality from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Colorado Wildfire Smoke Outlook from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment


All inquiries regarding air quality, water quality, energy efficiency, lead, mold, radon, sustainability, pollution prevention or solid waste can be addressed to our Andrea Carlstrom, MBA - Director - 719.530.2564 

Andrea Carlstrom
MBA Director719.530.2564 

Stefanie Nelson
Consumer Protection Specialist


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