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Retail Food Program

Chaffee County Environmental Health conducts regular inspections of all facilities offering food to consumers in Chaffee County.  Inspections are completed to ensure restaurants and other facilities providing food to the public are taking the necessary steps to prevent foodborne illness.

Facilities preparing food must do so in approved kitchens and are typically inspected 1 - 2 times per year.  If you are interested in opening a food service establishment, several items are required before beginning operation.  These items are required as part of the Plan Review process:

Submitting your proposed menu allows Environmental Health staff to identify areas where food safety will be most critical.   Menus are also used in conjunction with proposed facility equipment plans to identify if the equipment needed to keep the food safe will be used. 

Facility Layout & Equipment
Knowing how your facility will be designed is important, as any potential problems can be identified before work begins.  Environmental Health staff visit hundreds of commercial kitchens each year and can help identify layouts that are functional, while providing the best opportunity for food safety.  All new facilities and mobile units are required to submit a Plan Review Packet. 

Food Safety Practices
We request detailed information regarding how food will be stored, heated, reheated, cooled and handled at each facility.  Special attention is given to those menu items with the greatest risk, and those in which food safety is most critical. 

Please contact Chaffee County Environmental Health at 719.207.1498 to receive the required Plan Review forms. 

Chaffee County recommends that all food handlers attend the StateFoodSafety.com's online food safety training.  This course is about 90 minutes long and is available in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese and American Sign Language.  The course is optional for food workers but is approved and recommended by Chaffee County Environmental Health for food safety training.  There is a $10.00 charge for this course. 

Temporary/Special Event Facilities
Food safety at temporary and special events is critical to ensure the event is sucessful and can continue to be in the future.  The licensure process is slightly different for temporary and special event vendors, mainly due to reduced menu items, and menu items requiring few if any preparation steps. 

Temporary and Special event vendors must submit the application below at least 10 days prior to the event:

Application Forms

2022 County Retail Food Establishment Application

Temporary Vendor Application Updated March 2019

Event Coordinator Application Updated March 2019

2019 State Retail Food Establishment Memo regarding Fees

2022 Mobile Unit Plan Review

2022 Brick & Mortar Plan Review

Pet Variance Application

Rules and Regulations pertaining to Retail Food Establishments can be picked up at the Chaffee County Environmental Health Office or at the Colorado Department of Public Health website below:

Colorado Department of Public Health Consumer Protection Division 

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