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Chaffee County Commissioners

Commissioner Statement re: "Sanctuary" County Concerns - issued April 9, 2024

The roles and responsibilities of County Commissioners

Chaffee County has three County Commissioners which is the county’s governing body; they are elected at large to four year staggered terms. Residents of Chaffee County choose who their commissioners will be when they vote at election time.  Terms are staggered so that no more than two commissioners are elected at the same time.  Their powers are defined and promulgated by State Statute under Title 30 for Government – County. They are the governing body and by statute are clothed with full authority to make all contracts which are essential to the management of the county affairs.

When do the Commissioners Meet?

The regular meetings for the Chaffee County Board of Commissioners are typically set for the first three Tuesday’s of each month.  There are regular monthly work sessions on the first and second Monday of every month in the Commissioner meeting room at the County Administrative Offices, 104 Crestone Avenue, Salida.  Please check with the County Administrative Assistant for meeting dates, times and locations at (719) 539-2218 or

All agenda's for Commissioner meetings are linked from the home page and available directly at

Commissioners Role

The Commissioners role is to manage the affairs of the county as authorized by state statute.  Powers granted to the board by the State of Colorado are broad, which allow the board independence in judgment.

Some examples of the board’s powers are to:

• Oversee county income and expenses; adopt an annual budget

• Establish policies and procedures for the administration of county government

• Construct or repair roads, bridges, and drainage facilities

• Levy taxes as provided by law; certify mill levies annually

• Build and maintain county buildings

• Grant licenses as prescribed by law

• Appoint staff and determine annual operating budget

• Adopt ordinances as provided in the Colorado Revised Statutes

In addition to these statutory general governance responsibilities, the Chaffee County Board of Commissioners guides the operations of the county administrator and county finance administrator and the rest of the other departments’ and offices in the administration’s span of control.  The Commissioners also conduct public hearings at which official county business is transacted; consider applications for funding from community agencies, county departments, and elected officials; represent the citizens of Chaffee County on other boards and governing bodies; and establish personnel policies.

The above are just some examples of county activities which require decision-making by the board of county commissioners.  More information about the duties and powers related to statutory responsibilities for Chaffee County and the County Commissioners, check the Colorado Revised Statutes, Titles 29 and 30 which are laws concerning local and county governments.

Commissioner District Map 2022

Pursuant to C.R.S  §  30-10-306, the commissioner district boundaries were revised to reflect population shifts documented in the 2020 Federal Census.  Pursuant to Resolution 2023-68 the Board of County Commissioners adopted the county commissioner districts as set forth in the following maps:

Resolution 2023-68

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

District Map


District One
Commissioner Keith Baker

District Two
Commissioner Greg Felt

District Three
Commissioner P. T. Wood


Keith Baker
Commissioner District #1

Greg Felt
Commissioner District #2

P. T. Wood
Commissioner District #3

Tara Miller
Administrative Assistant

Beth Helmke
Deputy Director of General Administration

Don Reimer
Director of General Administration


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