Chaffee County Planning & Zoning

Chaffee County has began the process to update the Chaffee County Comprehensive Plan. You may keep track of the progress of this process at Together Chaffee County

Department Information

The Planning and Zoning Department is part of the County Development Services Department. Planning Staff work closely with other county departments, including Road and Bridge, Building Safety, and Environmental Health, to assist landowners in using their property, and to enforce the adopted Land Use Regulations to protect surrounding property owners from incompatible land uses.  The Planning Department staff is responsible for advising the Board of Commissioners, the Planning Commission and the public on land use and development issues.  The planning staff accepts and reviews all land planning applications according to the County Land Use Code and County Master plans.  The staff also prepares updates and revisions to the County's Land Use Codes for review by the Board of Commissioners to keep up with the changing values of the County's citizens.

Chaffee County Assessor Searchable Zoning Map
A Chaffee County searchable zoning map, which can provide information on property zoning, floodplains, and other helpful information, is available here. In order to view the zoning layers, you must select "County Zoning" on the Layer List within the map.

Chaffee County Land Use Statistics

The County's land area is approximately 649,508 acres, which is equal to approximately 1014 square miles.  Of this area, a large majority is managed by various federal, state and local government entities, including the US Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the State Land Board, and the state Divisions of Wildlife and Corrections. Excluding the incorporated municipalities of Salida, Buena Vista and Poncha Springs, there are approximately 120,000 acres of privately owned land in Chaffee County.

Dan Swallow
Director of Development Services

Jon Roorda
Planning Manager

Christie Barton


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