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Chaffee County Roads Permitting OHVs

10360 County Road 120
Salida, Colorado 81201


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Chaffee County Roads Permitting OHVs

List of County Roads Where OHVs are Permitted

Subject to the below restrictions, the following county roads have been opened to off-highway vehicles (OHVs) pursuant to Ordinance #2012-02.

a. Alpine/St. Elmo Area: all of CR 267, 295 and 296 and the north-south portion of CR 292 along the west side
    of Alpine between CR 162 and FS Road 292; a section of CR 162 spanning approximately 1350 ft., beginning
    approximately 75 ft east of the turn off to CR 292; a 3/4 mile section of CR 162 beginning at the entrance of
    "Grizzly" parking and terminating at the Forest Service trail head for Tin Cup Pass. 
b. Fourmile Area: CR 375, except for the section between CR 371 and the ATV parking lot on BLM (the
    excepted section, which was previously open to OHVs, shall be closed to OHVs); all of CR 187.
c. Salida/Turret Area: all of CR 185, from its intersection with CR 175 to the start of FS 185; CR 175 north of
    CR 181.

Contract U.S. Forest Service for information on Forest Service roads at 719-539-3591.

To view map of Chaffee County Roads open for OHV use per Ordinance 2012-02 please click here.

Regulations for Operating on County Roads

To operate on County roads, OHVs must be registered and operated pursuant to C.R.S. §33-14.5-101 et seq.  Any person operating an OHV on a designated county road must be in possession of a valid motor vehicle operator’s license and be at least 16 years of age.

OHVs operating on Chaffee County roads shall at all times comply with the requirements of C.R.S. §33-14.5-101 et seq.; at a minimum, OHVs shall be equipped with:

(a) a muffler in constant operation and properly maintained;
(b) a spark arrestor in good working order which has been approved by the U.S. Forest Service as evidenced by the bona fide permanent marking of “qualified” or “approved” on the spark arrestor;
(c) a braking system that may be operated by hand or foot, capable of producing deceleration of 14 feet per second on level ground at a speed of 20 miles per hour; and
(d) At least one lighted head lamp and one lighted tail lamp, each having the minimum candlepower prescribed by regulation of the division of Parks while being operated between the hours of sunset and sunrise.

Unlawful Operations

It is unlawful to operate an OHV on Chaffee County roads in any of the following manners:
(a) To use designated OHV routes for any purpose other than going to, or coming from, public lands    adjacent  to the designated County roads;
(b) On any portion of any street except the far right portion of the street;
(c) To ride together in any pattern except in single file;
(d) On any public or private property without express consent of the owner.

OHVs operating on Chaffee County roads shall be considered to be motor vehicles for purposes of maintaining at least the minimum liability insurance coverage required by the Colorado Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law, Title 42, Article 7, C.R.S.  All ordinances and regulations pertaining to vehicles or motor vehicles, including without limitation the Model Traffic Code adopted by Ordinance 2004-1, shall be applicable to the operation of OHVs on County roads, except to those which, by their nature, can have no application.  The County’s ordinances regarding OHVs do not authorize or designate the use of OHV’s on lands, roads or trails under the jurisdiction of municipalities or state or federal agencies or on other lands or roads owned or under the jurisdiction of Chaffee County, except those listed above.

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