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Agendas for County Board meetings may be posted or amended up to 24 hours before a meeting.  

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County News Releases

04-12-21 Chaffee County Recognizes National County Government Month

04-08-21 County Continues Recycling Discussions; Evaluates Public Options

04-05-21 Chaffee Jail Manages COVID Outbreak

03-30-21 Angel of Shavano to Cease Recycling Services April 8th

03-16-21 County Adopts Proclamation in Support of Local Agriculture

03-12-21 County Offices Gradually Re-Open to In-Person Services

03-05-21 Landfill Fees Increase Effective April 1

03-02-21 County Begins Design Work on North End Emergency Services Campus

02-17-21 County Learns of Nestle Sale Agreement

02-04-21 Rental Deposit Guarantee Program Continues

02-01-21 Baker Elected to CCI Public Lands Chair

01-20-21 Public Input for Hazard Mitigation Plan

01-12-21 Commissioners Swearing In

Public Notices

All interested parties are encouraged to attend public hearings or submit a statement with options 

By clicking on the name of the Land Use item you will be taken to the Planning Commission webpage for detailed attachments.  For items heard only by the Board of Commissioners all attachments are available on this page.

Public Notice - To subdivide 74.05 acres into two lots of 63.23 and 10.34 acres. The property has two domestic wells and two on-site wastewater treatment systems. 0.47 acres of right of way will be dedicated for County Road 250. Name of Project: Farney Heritage Water Subdivision Exemption  Application   Plat

Public Notice To subdivide 41.2 acres into two parcels of 5.0 and 36.2 acres. Wells and On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems (OWTS) serve the property. Parcel 1 will access from an existing easement recorded in Resolution 1998-12 at Reception #296422. Parcel 2 accesses from an existing easement through The View at Chalk Creek Canyon (now EagleView at Mt. Princeton). Name of Project: McFarland Heritage Water Subdivision Exemption   Application   Plat

Public NoticeTo amend the definition of the ‘B – Buildable’ area for all lots in the Broadview ROSI Subdivision to allow wells, septic systems, wood decks and concrete patios anywhere in the B portion of the lot (this does not include the ‘OS – Open Space’ portion of the lots). The HOA has voted in favor of the plat amendment. Name of Project: Broadview ROSI Plat Amendment  Application   Plat

Public Notice - To subdivide Parcel 2 (remainder parcel) of the Bainbridge Heritage Water Subdivision Exemption of 32.9 acres into fifteen (15) lots, ranging in size from 2.0 to 2.2 acres.  Wells and on-site wastewater treatment systems will serve the property. A new road on dedicated right of way will serve the subdivision. Name of Project: Sage Heights Major Subdivision.  Application  Sketch Plan

Public NoticeTo subdivide 6.89 acres into two lots of 2.75 and 4.14 acres. Wells and on-site wastewater treatment systems will serve the property. Name of Project: Dvorak Heritage Water Subdivision Exemption -  Application  Plat

Public Notice - To consider a request before the Planning Commission to subdivide 32.15 acres into three lots and one outlot with the minimum being 2.02 acres. Name of Project: Held Brothers Minor Subdivision.  Application   Site Plan   Staff Report

Public Notice - To consider a request before the Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners to permit up to 12 large scale events and unlimited number of small scale events annually. Name of Project: The Meadows Farm Outdoor Theater & Event Venue Major Impact Review.    Application   Site Plan  Staff Report   Review Agency Comment Summary   Public Comment Letters   Public Comment Letters 2  Public Comment Letter Keidel Public Comment Video Submissions: Adan Letter  Video1  Video2  Video3  Noise Statute  Video from the April 6 Planning Commission meeting

Public Notice - To consider a request before the Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners for a property subdivision. Name of Project: Peak View Major Subdivision  Application  Sketch Plan  Staff Report-Updated   Letters: Raski, Tiegs   Planning Commission Recommendation

WITHDRAWN (to be combined with Peak View Major Subdivision application) Public Notice - To consider a request before the Board of County Commissioners for a Heritage Water Subdivision Exemption. Name of Project: Peak View (previously Sunnyside) Heritage Water Subdivision Exemption Application

Public Notice - To consider a request before the Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners for a Land Use Code Text Amendment - Correction to Section 7.7.2 Salida Airport Overlay District.  Map  Letter to Property Owners  Staff Report-Updated-Mar2021   FAA Comments

Public Notice - To amend Sections 7.8.22 B2 and 7.8.22 C2 of the Land Use Code to reduce the setbacks from the property line of a Marijuana Optional Premises Cultivation Center and/or an Infused Products Manufacturing Facility to adjacent residential uses.  Amendment Request   Proposed Text Amendment  Setbacks for Other Jurisdictions   Site Plan   Staff Report-updated-Mar25   Letters: Bort    Correspondence  
Planning Commission Recommendation   Planning Commission Draft Minutes

Public Notice updated - To re-subdivide Tract 1A-R of the Cooper Property Boundary Line Adjustment No. 2 of 16.73 acres into four (4) tracts; three of which will be 2.0 acres and the remainder tract of 10.73.  A request for a waiver of Section 7.3.7.C1 to allow a private road easement for access and frontage to the lots off County Road 163. Wells and on-site wastewater treatment systems will serve the property.  Application  Final Plat - Updated   Geotechnical Study  Report  Notice of Decision - Oct 2020   Modification Resolution - Dec 2020   Review Agency Comments   Staff Report-Updated  Drainage Study  Engineering Comments on Drainage Study-Updated   Property Civil Plans    Upper Arkansas Water Conservation District comments   Division of Water Resources comments

Public Notice - Board of Adjustment Review: Xcel Energy Transmission Line Height Variance - A height variance from thirty five (35) feet up to one hundred fifteen (115) feet to allow replacement of transmission line structures built in 1957 with monopoles and associated conductor/wire.  Application  Xcel Presentation  Staff Report  Letters: Maestas

Items Continued:

Consider a request before the Planning Commission for a Limited Impact Review for Aspire Tours Limited. Continued to date uncertain. 

Public Notice  for Rescheduled Hearing  - To consider a request from the Board of Commissioners for an extension of an existing 1041 Permit for Nestle Waters North America, Inc

Extension Request                                                          Resolutions         
Annual Report 2009                                                        Annual Reports 2010-2014 
Annual Reports 2015-2018                                             Annual Report 2019 1 of 3   2 of 3  3 of 3                 
Ruby Mt. Springs Projections                                         Nestle Letter April 2          
Technical Revisions                                                          NWNA E-Mails 09.24.20       
Wheeler Report 10.02.20
2000-2003 USGA Hydrogeology Study-Water Quality BV to Salida 09.24.20 
SGWMMP 2019 Annual Report Final 09.24.2              Pumping Data July/August 2020 09.24.20        
Review Agency Comments


  Up to Sept 29                      Sept 30 - Oct 12               October 15            Oct 16-Oct 19

Oct 19 - Oct 20 received by noon       Oct 20 noon - Oct 22 8am

Items posted October 13 and October 14

Staff Report dated October 13                                    Exhibit Summary of 1041 Criteria 
NWNA Conditions of Approval                                   List of Permit Admendments & TRs
9.3.14 UAWCD Aug Certificates 1990 & 1991           UAWCD Augmentation Agreement signed 7.23.13
UAWCD Water Decree 25077004_06cw32                9.3.20 JulyAug 2020 Monthly Report UAWCD Supply
AECOM Response to Kenneth Kolm Geomega     Geomega 2009 BH & RM Springs Wetlands Monitoring    
 AECOM Response to Review Memo
AECOM Reponse to CNHP Draft Comments 1.29.09     CNHP Final Review 4.6.09
9.10.20 Aug 2020 Monthly Accounting Report
ROW Deed BHS Property                                       ROW Deed RMS Property

Items Posted October 15 and 16

Housing Director Staff Report                                Updated Review Agency Comments
GARNA CCCF Waste Audit Final Report              GARNA Chaffee Waste Audit Data Final 2018-2019
UAWCD Augmentation Decree-SEO approval Hagen Springs 4.30.14
Unbottle & Protect Chaffee County Water LLC Submittal
CPC-TU Nestle Letter 2020                                     Nestle CE Donation Status Letter 10.13.2020
Nestle Waters NA Website for Record

Items Posted October 23

Letter to Chaffee County re: Exhbit Summary
GARNA Nestle 1041 Permit Renewal Comment 10.20.20
Trout Unlimited 9.30.20

Items Posted October 22,  27 and 28

Nestle Power Point October 20                             Nestle Power Point October 22
A Declaration of Denial
J. Swancia Presentation Notes 10.20.20            T. Bomer Presentation Notes 10.20.20     

Item Posted November 5

1041 Permit Proposed Conditions for 10 Year Extension          

Items Posted December 11

Letter Re:  Economic Impact Study of Nestle in Chaffee County
Chaffee County Services Contract between Chaffee County and Harvey Economics Company
     Scope of Work - Attachment A
          Addendum to Attachment A     
     Economic Impact Budget - Attachment B
     Billing Rates - Attachment C

Item Posted March 11, 2021

Ruby Mountain Conservation Easement Baseline Report      

Item Posted March 16, 2021

Nestle 2020 Annual ReportNestle Waters North America Annual Report Presentation

Item Posted April 21, 2021

Economic Impact Study of Nestle Waters of North America in Chaffee County & Summary Presentation

October 20th Nestle Hearing Audio Recording Part 1 of 2

October 20th Nestle Hearing Audio Recording Part 2 of 2

Request for Proposals or Request for Qualifications

Chaffee County Website Redesign RFQ

     RFQ Document

     Submissions due no later than 5:00p, May 15th, 2021

Chaffee County Visitors Bureau Copy Writer

     RFP Document

     Submissions due no later than 4:00p, April 19th, 2021

Chaffee County Visitors Bureau Content Creator

     RFP Document

     Submissions due no later than 4:00p, April 19th, 2021




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