Chaffee County Home Share is a customized and mutually beneficial program matching Chaffee County residents over 55 years old who have extra space on their property with adults seeking collaborative and proactive affordable housing. 

The Home Share program's intention is to create mutually beneficial housing relationships where a private bedroom is offered in exchange for reduced rent, help around the home or a combination of the two.  Each “match” is customized to every individual, with a comprehensive screening process focused on safety, security and the unique needs and interests of participants.  It differs from a typical roommate situation because at its core, it is about two people helping each other.

Home “seekers” often provide tasks like computer help, meal preparation, rides to appointments, light housekeeping, snow removal, yard work, pet care or even simply a “just in case” presence. However, no two home sharing arrangements are alike.  Each home share agreement and match is tailored to the unique needs and abilities of the people involved.

Our Screening and Matching Process

While many people can find someone on their own, Chaffee County Home Share has developed a comprehensive and client-driven screening and matching process to make the best in-home matches possible. Not only is our screening process focused on your safety and security, but our priority is to create a "good match" that supports a mutually agreeable and sociable living arrangement. It is up to people in the program to decide who they want to live with, and the Home Share staff monitor and support the arrangement every step of the way. 

Home Provider                                                                           

·  Must be over 55                                                                                                         

·  Home must be in good condition                                               

·  Must have a separate bedroom                                                

·  Clean background check                                                     

·  Provide 3 references

·  Verifiable income

 Home Seeker

·  Must be 18 or older

·  Clean background check

·  Provide 3 references

·  Verifiable income

·  Seeking non-emergency housing

·  Eager to provide household tasks

Benefits to the Home Provider                                                                           

·  Earn Extra Income                                                                                             

·  Receive help with pre-negotiated household tasks 

·  Remain safely in your home longer

·  Friends and family can feel secure knowing you are not alone

·  Give back to the community by providing affordable housing

Benefits to the Home Seeker

·  Have an affordable housing solution

·  Support an older adult remaining in their home by trading discounted rent in exchange for household tasks

·  Build unique and lasting relationships


Please note that the pairing process may take up to eight weeks or more and is not meant to be an emergency housing or care-giving program.   

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Home Share Provider, please fill out below form and our Home Share Coordinator will reach out to discuss the program with you in more detail: Home Share Provider Interest Form

If you are interested in finding a housing opportunity and becoming a Home Share Seeker, please DOWNLOAD and complete the following application:  Home Seeker Application    

For any and all questions about the program, please reach out to:  

          Monica RanesHome Share Coordinator


  719-221-5891 (call or text)

1.  Complete an Application

2.  Background and Reference Checks - The home share coordinator will conduct comprehensive background and reference checks. 

3.  Interview - The home share coordinator will contact you for an in person interview where we can assess your interests, lifestyle and specific needs.  For home providers, we will also plan to visit you in your home. 

4. Find a Match

        * The home share team starts to look for good potential matches based on lifestyle, personal preferences and needs. When we have participants we think might be a fit, we call you and tell you about each other. If you decide you would like to meet, we plan a time for an introduction meeting.  

        * Please note that the pairing process may take up to eight weeks or more and is not meant to be an emergency housing or care-giving program.   


        * If pre-screened matches agree to meet, the home share coordinator will facilitate an introductory meeting where participants have the opportunity to ask each other questions and express any concerns about privacy, security, compatibility, etc. This is a great opportunity to see for yourself if a potential match is compatible. 

        * If the first match meeting is successful, you are encouraged to meet 2-3 more times on your own, ensuring you know each other fairly well before moving on.  

    Trial Match  

        *    Chaffee County Home Share strongly encourages a 2-week or longer trial match.. This is recommended so each party experiences living together before the final move-in. Staff meet at the home to discuss the Trial Match and set length of stay.. Participants sign a document stating this is only a trial match for a specified time. During the Trial Match, Home Share staff check in formally and are available for support.  

    Home Share Agreement   

        *    If the Trial Match is successful, the Home Provider and Home Seeker work with staff to discuss all the details of living together including service exchange expectations, communication plans, rent, space, limitations, visitors, cleanliness, etc. Setting these parameters before move-in defines the expectations for a successful home sharing relationship.   

    Match Care and Ongoing Support   

        *    Chaffee County Home Share staff provide ongoing support even after a home share agreement is made to ensure the continuation of a safe and well-suited match.  

               *    1-2 weeks after the home share agreement is made our staff will check in with both parties to see how the match is progressing and may conduct an in-home visit if necessary. 

               *    Staff conduct quarterly check-ins with each participant to discuss challenges and successes and help make adjustments should any issues or change in needs arise.

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