Chaffee County Home Share

Chaffee County Home Share is a program seeking to match home seekers with individuals over the age of 55 who have extra room in their home.  

So what is home sharing?

·  Home sharing is a simple idea where two or more people share a home for mutual benefit.

·  A person offers a private bedroom and shared common space in exchange for reduced rent, help around the home or a combination of the two.

·  It differs from a typical roommate situation because, at its core, it is about two people helping each other.

·  No two home sharing arrangements are alike.  Each is tailored to the unique needs and interests of the people involved.

Our screening and Matching Process

While people can find someone on their own, Chaffee County Home Share has developed a comprehensive and client-driven screening & matching process to make the best in-home matches possible. Our screening process focuses on your safety and security. Each compatible match is unique and based on the interests, needs, and lifestyles of the individuals involved. It is up to people in the program to decide who they want to live with. Home Share staff is with you every step of the way.

CCHS Home Seeker Application
CCHS Home Provider Application
(Please note these will need to be printed and submitted. If you have trouble with the formatting of these documents, DOWNLOAD them. DO NOT attempt to open or preview in Google)

Please contact us for more information or an in-person interview.  

          Monica Ranes- Home Share Coordinator


·  719-221-5891

·  719-539-4510


Home Providers:

                Earn extra income

                Receive help with household chores when needed

                Remain safely in your home longer

                Friends and family can feel secure knowing you are not alone

                Give back by providing affordable housing to someone in need

Home Seekers:

                Have an affordable housing solution

                Support an older adult to remain in their home by trading discounted rent in exchange for household chores

                Give back to an older adult in need

                Build lasting relationships



Home Provider                                                                           

·  Must be over 55                                                                                                         

·  Home must be in good condition                                               

·  Must have a separate bedroom                                                

·  Clean background check                                                     

·  3 references

·  Verifiable income

 Home Seeker

·  Must be 18 or older

·  Clean background check

·  3 references

·  Verifiable income

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